WP5: Integration and Validation


Above is the concept diagram for the validation work of iCIRRUS (where the SG is a signalling gateway used to collect probe responses). The setup visualised in the diagram is to enable intelligent responses to network conditions using the SON engine and monitoring through probes (orange squares) not just at the S1/X2 interfaces but also within the C-RAN. The responses could be used to effect load-balancing (switching user data streams between RRHs), resource allocation strategies and offloading to the D2D communications (e.g., turning off and re-routing the infrastructure-based communications based on relevant control signals), mobile application communication offloading to the cloud for C2C validation, and controlled interaction between the D2D and C2C communications. It will also permit the testing of the Ethernet transport in the C-RAN, and up to the point of the UE, for QoE/QoS metrics, for frame jitter/latency and for PHY layer performance (including coherent combining in a 2 x 1 macrodiversity test).

The setups require equipment from partners (test and measurement, and base station and evolved packet core (EPC) hardware and links), and implementation of modules.