WP2: Centralisation Scenarios and Architectures


Ethernet links are used in the fronthaul (or midhaul, if appropriate), between pooled BBUs and the RRHs. An Ethernet switch is used for flexible interconnection of BBUs and RRHs. Ethernet switches are also used (1) for the connection of the BBUs to the backhaul (e.g. evolved Packet Core, in 3GPP networks) and (2) for the interconnection of BBUs to provide the X2 interface. At all switches, hardware probes for monitoring are used, with extracted information sent to an intelligent processing unit. Here, a Self Optimizing Network (SON) system will collect available UE, Cell, and transport performance information data to verify system performance. Some BBU functionality can be virtualised in this intelligent processing unit, which can handle inter-BBU control functions. In iCIRRUS, we will particularly examine resource management functions which can use the intelligence and extraction of information for enhanced control and management of D2D communications and their interaction with the infrastructure mobile network. Also co-located at the central node is the processing for the mobile cloud which we use to further offload traffic from the network and improve spectral and energy efficiency.