Project Overview

The technical, research and innovation activities in iCIRRUS are divided up into 4 main work packages:

WP2: Centralisation Scenarios and Architectures

WP3: Future Converged Front- (Mid-)haul Architecture

WP4: Efficient User Equipment (UE) Integration

WP5: Integration and Validation

WP2 formulates the key concepts on which the project builds, defining the detailed system architecture from use-case scenarios, and taking these into a techno-economic analysis. WP3 and WP4 are the main research and innovation work packages, focussing on the requirements of the optical fronthaul in the intelligent C-RAN architecture and the algorithms for the D2D communication, its interaction with the infrastructure and its use of the mobile cloud, respectively. These work packages will feed information to WP5 for the demonstrator definition and will algorithms for the demonstrator. Specific hardware development, to be used in validation of key concepts, will be carried out in WP5, which also organises a field-trial validation. All of WP3, WP4 and WP5 will provide information back to WP2 for the techno-economic analysis.

In addition, to these work packages, WP1 is devoted to project management, and WP6 is devoted to the organisation of dissemination, standardisation, exploitation and communication activities. These work packages therefore interact with all of the technical, research and innovation work packages.


Work package structure of iCIRRUS
Work package structure of iCIRRUS