iCIRRUS Meeting, Seville, 15 & 16 September 2015

iCIRRUS Meeting Seville 15th and 16th September 2015

The third iCIRRUS general meeting was held in Seville on the Isla de la Cartuja at Edifice Bluenet on 15th and 16th of September 2015. The agenda included work package (WP) meetings, Technical Steering Committee (TSC) meeting, TSC + EAB meeting, EAB + partners meeting and the General Assembly (GA). In addition to the partners, EAB members Philippe Sehier and Thomas Pfeiffer were also present and in addition to the meetings with TSC and iCIRRUS partners attended most of the WP meetings and observed the TSC meeting.

The 15th of September started with the TSC meeting discussing progress in each of the WPs, participation in the 5G clusters, an update of EAB membership and current status of their NDAs. A timetable for the annual report and review preparation was discussed and agreed on. Internal reviewers for upcoming deliverables were suggested

There were two meetings with EAB members: TSC + EAB and thereafter EAB + partners. During the former the project was introduced by Nathan Gomes, the project leader, and then WP leaders briefly introduced their WPs and progress made so far which led to a discussion with the EAB members who offered their opinions on where the project was headed. During the EAB + partners meeting, each partner gave an account of their organisation and their role within iCIRRUS. Again, this led to an exchange of ideas and opinions. The day concluded with the WP2 meeting and in the evening a tapas dinner was enjoyed by all at a roof-top restaurant.

IMG_0225 - meeting

Day 2 started with the General Assembly (GA) where the main topic was the preparation of the annual report and the project review. The timetable discussed during the TSC meeting was presented to the GA and agreed and partners were also reminded of upcoming deliverables. EAB members had requested access to the protected area of the website which was granted as was their inclusion in the iCIRRUS TSC mailing list. Partners were also reminded of the next face-2-face meeting at the University of Essex in January and of the need to keep Conny and Dora informed of any dissemination and communication activities.

Each WP was then discussed in turn and the meeting concluded late afternoon on the 16th of September.