Presentations at EUCNC 2016 Joint Workshop

Three iCIRRUS members presented their work at the EUCNC 2016 Joint Workshop ‘ Towards Converged X-Haul for 5G Networks – A joint workshop of the iCIRRUS, 5G-XHaul and 5G-Crosshaul projects: Daniel Muench presented  ‘Converged Ethernet for next-gen x-haul‘ Zakaria Tayq presented ‘Fronthaul field trials and future trends‘ John Govert presented ‘5G mobile radio fronthaul test … Continue reading Presentations at EUCNC 2016 Joint Workshop

COMBO Workshop presentation at CTTE 2015

Philippos Assimakopoulos presented a talk entitled A 5G fronthaul for converged networks during the COMBO workshop at the CTTE conference in Munich.  His talk included an overview of the iCIRRUS project, the main concepts and main issues/challenges of the architecture with some additional focus on backhaul/fronthaul convergence and fixed and mobile access convergence. COMBO_presentation_V2 – PA