International Events

iCIRRUS at ECOC 2017

The iCIRRUS project was represented at the 2017 edition of ECOC, Europe’s largest conference on optical communications, being held from 17-21st September in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Nathan Gomes  (University of Kent) presented a poster entitled ‘Effects of contention and delay in a sitched Ethernet evolved fronthaul for future cloud-RAN applications’. The Special ECOC Symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark on EU-overseas … Continue reading iCIRRUS at ECOC 2017

iCIRRUS active in 5G World EXPO

iCIRRUS members were busy participating in workshops in the UK and Finland last week . JunYuan Wang and Philippos Asimakopoulos were representing iCIRRUS and related projects at the 5G World Expo and welcomed visitors to the booth where they could watch demo videos, read all about the projects and their achievements on the posters and examine one of the … Continue reading iCIRRUS active in 5G World EXPO

iCIRRUS Representation at OFC 2016

iCIRRUS contributed three presentations to OFC 2016: N. J. Gomes (invited speaker), V. Jungnickel, P. Chanclou, J.P. Elbers, P. Turnbull, “A Flexible, Ethernet Fronthaul for 5th Generation Mobile and Beyond”, OFC 2016, doi:10.1364/OFC.2016.W3C.1 Z. Tayq, P. Chanclou, T. Diallo , K. Grzybowski, F. Saliou , S. Gosselin , O. Foucault, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot, L. Bellot , … Continue reading iCIRRUS Representation at OFC 2016

EuCNC 2016, 27–30 June 2016, Athens, Greece

EuCNC 2016 (European Conference on Networks and Communications) is the 25th edition of a successful series of technical/scientific conferences, open to the world research community, sponsored also by the European Commission, with a focus that ranges from the physical layer to all types of supported applications. Particular focus in this edition will be on 5G … Continue reading EuCNC 2016, 27–30 June 2016, Athens, Greece