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iCIRRUS active in 5G World EXPO

iCIRRUS members were busy participating in workshops in the UK and Finland last week .

JunYuan Wang and Philippos Asimakopoulos were representing iCIRRUS and related projects at the 5G World Expo and welcomed visitors to the booth where they could watch demo videos, read all about the projects and their achievements on the posters and examine one of the newly developed boards (evolved digital unit/remote unit for next generation fronthaul networks) for the project.







icIRRUS presence at EuCNC 2017

iCIRRUS contributed to EuCNC 2017 through a joint workshop (Workshop 8, co-organised with 5G-Crosshaul and 5G-XHaul) and an exhibition booth where participants could watch video demonstrations and learn more about the project through the posters describing some of our work. A FGPA board, specifically developed for and by the project was also on display.

The image shows Nathan Gomes, project coordinator, in Booth 15

EuCNC2017 booth v2

iCIRRUS Meeting at Orange, Lannion, 17 and 18 May 2017

The penultimate iCIRRUS meeting was hosted at the Orange offices in Lannion, France on the 17th and 18th of May. The meeting started with the Technical Steering Committee discussing the overall scientific progress of the project which is on track for completion at the end of the year.

The first afternoon was dedicated to WP5 which is concerned with the integration and validation of the technologies and solutions developed by the project. This is obviously a work package critical to the project as it highlights our achievements and a great deal of activity is currently focused on this work. The face-to-face discussions also provided an opportunity to clarify any issues regarding the remaining tasks and subtasks.

Orange 4-2



A tour of the Orange labs was greeted with great interest and we thank the colleagues from Orange for the enthusiastic description of their systems.







Day 1 concluded with a lovely dinner at Ti Al Lannec where the view from the dining room revealed a beautiful coastline despite the murky weather.

IMG_1324 -2

Work package meetings continued on day 2 and whilst several of the tasks in WPs 2-4 have been completed or are close to completion, much of the remaining work is now concerned with ensuring successful integration tests, completion of input into WP5, and exploitation of outcomes from iCIRRUS by industrial partners.


iCIRRUS partners generally communicate on a regular basis through electronic means, but the time and space available during the plenary meeting were found to be crucial to discuss and finalise matters at this stage of the project.


iCIRRUS 2nd Annual Review

iCIRRUS successfully passed the second Annual Review which took place in Brussels on the 14th of March. All second year deliverables were accepted and recommendations for future work focused on the final year demonstration, dissemination and exploitation issues.